Sep 12, 2007


Don't you sometimes feel down? There's nothing wrong, but you're just tired of doing the same things at the same time, day in and day out. I guess that's it -- boredom.

It's easy to feel bored; the bright side is that it's easy to feel not bored!

Indulging in fantasy worlds (in novels, movies, or even your very own invented ones) is a popular way of getting over this feeling. Being in another place in another time has proved to be a great way of coping with life and, better yet, feeling happy.

Imagine scuba diving near a 15th-century sunken ship, or protecting an endangered species against poachers and hunters in the wilderness.

Not creative, right?

OK, then. What about going on a trip to Antarctica? The trick is that you won't have access to any of the high-tech gadgets we use every day as if they were there since the beginning of time! Try visualizing life there: With no TV, you'll miss your favorite sitcom and action drama shows. With no MP3 player, you won't listen to your favorite music. With no laptop, you'll neither play your favorite video games nor chat. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, with no cell phone, you won't call your friends that often; actually, you won't be able to call one another at all. Now we're talking! You'll live in an igloo and feed on fish through most of your stay.

Would you be happy that way? I guess not.

That makes me wonder: How many blessings around us do we fail to appreciate? Kind family members, friends who are there when we need them, and supportive colleagues at work, who else? There must be a lot more blessings, but let's just stick to these now.

I'll rejuvenate by spending more time with them; at least for now!

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Bibi-Aisha said...

I tend to seek new experiences continuously. I thrive on change. And in the interim, my daydreams sustain me. But yes, being grateful for what we have is paramount