Sep 18, 2007

Mystery Illness After Meteor Hits Earth

This news piece really stirred a couple of questions I gave up answering several months ago.

You know all that hype about UFOs and short, large-headed Martians? Yes, that's in the center of what I was thinking.

Just add one and one, and let's see where we go from there:

1. A meteor hits a remote village in Peru
2. Soon afterwards, the villagers suffer an unidentified illness
3. Policemen are dispatched, six suffer from the same illness and they're hospitalized.

Is there a possibility, even a teeny-tiny one, that the meteor had some form of virus or living organism?

If that turned out to be true, then imagine the endless possibilities that may follow:

1. We're not alone in this universe

2. The often laughed-about stories - of UFO sightings, or even the more serious and documented hackings of that British guy to NASA networks (which he did allegedly to find proof of extra terrestrial life that he thinks NASA is hiding under wraps), or the testimony of an American engineer who claimed in the early 1990s that he worked with other scientists for the US government in an undisclosed location to reverse-engineer a vehicle whose mechanics or physics or whatever they call it "resembles nothing on Earth" - are not that far-fetched.

I know that this point is not proven here: For even if there were living organisms that caused the mysterious illness, that doesn't prove that there is intelligent life out there. But hey, at least there's life in the first place.

Another question is: Have the governments been lying about not finding any proof of intelligence outside Earth for all these years?

I ran out of ideas right now.

Anyhow, think about it; make your own mind.


By the way, I got that photo from

See news piece on about the same. There's a video file there, too.


Bibi-Aisha said...

There is life on other planets. Be it minute plants, its a living organism. Bacteria,infinitesmal and unseen, are living forms. So it could very well be that a disease was brought to earth from outer space

Breathe said...

I agree with bibi-aisha but personally I don't count viruses as "lifeforms"

By all accounts, viruses fall midway between the definition of "living organisms" and that of "non-living organisms"

Still, I think it would be fun to actually be able to prove my point; that there are aliens and that they did come to Earth and that I did meet them :)

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