May 1, 2008

Come join me in the Dark Side!

I snapped this one on my way back from a trip to a forlorn Pharaonic temple in Upper Egypt. To reach the nearest bus stop, we had to walk for a while through the desert and that's where we found this huge necropolis with human bones all over the place. Talk about eerie!

And about the title of the post, I hope you get the joke :)
Try cutting the photo into 2 roughly even halves and see if it's worth laughing at! (hint: Star Wars)


bb_aisha said...

There's so much i didn't get to see in Egypt-I know I didn't make full use of my 9 months there, but usually it was due to lack of company. My friends there either weren't in the mood, or had already done stuff & didn't want to do so again...

When we went down to the tomb in the Pyramids, I wanted -for shock value- to lie down in it for a photo. My sister refused, and I'm glad she did, because on the way up, I suddenly felt the presence of jinns. Seriously-it was so eery & unlike anything I've ever felt. My sister felt the same.

Wonderings caught on a keyboard said...

jinns? Maybe it was just the setting and the mood and ... never mind

When you come back to Egypt (and I'm sure you will, because almost everyone does!), try the oasis. They have offbeat must-see sites.

Anonymous said...

only people of an IQ over 160 MAY :P understand your joke :P