Dec 12, 2007

How many and how much?

How many years do we have to waste to realize we already have what we need?

How many precious moments must we miss to realize we did not make the wisest of choices?

How many friends do we have to lose to realize we really need one another?

How much money do we need to squander to chase away the emptiness deep inside?

How many signs do we have to ignore before finally heeding the voice of truth inside us?

How much courage do we need to unleash that hero within?


bb_aisha said...

How many moments of regret before we think before we act?

How many moments of regret before we stop doubting?

My brain's so dead at the moment. I'm fasting & I barely slep last night. Can't think of anything else.

Good post. Btw, why did you close your blog?

bb_aisha said...

Update pls:-)

Kaledovic said...

Published a couple of posts. Took a couple of years, but late better than never :-P