Dec 9, 2010

Your New Year’s Resolution Sucks!

Try something new, but not that new!

You won’t be hearing that one a lot! Guess what, a whole bunch of people say it loud and clear –in their minds– when they come to know a friend’s or colleague’s new-year resolution.

See, I’m tired of this age-old practice of having a resolution or to-do list each and every year. Let’s be frank here; it rarely, very, very rarely gets done! The last time I did one of those was at the beginning of 2008. As it turned out, 08 was one of the worst years in my entire existence, but that’s another story! Then and there, I learned my lesson: I should not, nope, will not, let a list of goals define my upcoming 360 and odd days. It’s plain ridiculous. 

What if in the middle of the year you just realized that whatever path you’re walking isn’t doing it for you? What if you’re just craving something new? Be it a new job, a career shift, a new feeling even that you desire, why keep to your resolution if it’s not what YOU want?!

A pal of mine went berserk once and decided he’d just live every day as it comes. The only twist to it was him making it to live every year as it comes. “Go with the flo” –without the w– is how he put it. That’s fine by me. Five years now and counting, the fellow is doing pretty well actually. The only downside to it was that by the end of each year, he had nothing solid done. Nothing to stick his name on and brag, “Hey, I did THIS!” No academic degree being pursued, no mountains climbed, no heroic feat accomplished, and even on the romantic side, he kept his ‘options’ open. The guy even stayed put in his same job for over five years. That’s taking going-with-the-flo too far if you ask me.

Let’s agree that sticking to the new-year’s resolution tradition isn’t as appealing as it first was and that the other extreme is too loose or unsettling for some, so what?
Here’s a bunch of ideas you might find not-so-boring:

1.       How about setting yourself free from your social circle for a while and going out with a new set of people? Different people this time around? Fresh faces, fresh experiences; oh yeah!

2.       Stop taking shit from your boss and tell them to their face what you really think of his or her “brand new plan for the first ’11 quarter”. Brand new, all right!

3.       Let that special someone really know how you feel. Enough with the mind games and beating around the bush. Go for it. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen no matter the odds.

4.       Take up horseback riding and go for a ride each week. When you’re in your car, you’re cosy and snug and life’s pristine, huh? So how about riding a beast, feeling its raw power and letting the wind blow through your hair for a change? You like nature, you’ll like horses. For an entirely different approach, go snorkeling. You choose
5.       Make more time for your family, even for your overbearing sister or always-in-your-way baby brother. After all, you got to take care of your own.

6.       Stop, for the love of everything sacred and dear to you, sending those darn e-mails to everyone on your list! Gosh! We got it: those puppies are too cute to be true, and yes, we’re already familiar with every one of those racially insensitive jokes!

7.       (This one’s for the incurably romantic type) Explore the city around you, on foot! Find a place or two that you like and make them yours. These will be your sanctuary when the going gets tough; a place to ‘breathe’ when you need it, and a setting to show your chosen one when you feel it’s time to share something uniquely yours with them.

8.       Count your blessings. Corny, I know. Still helps though!

So, whatever you decide on doing in twenty-eleven, enough with the resolutions. Be a sport and make a revolution in your own world!


Andrea said...

I couldn't have said it any better ... How many people do that and get nothing accomplished?! I gave up making New Year's resolutions decades ago and I'm still alive and kicking ;-) Well put, my friend :-)

Yasemin said...

Inventive and witty :) I have never made a new year resolution but believe you should figure out what your dreams are, be true to yourself and those around you, make a plan how to reach the goals you want to reach in life and work to get there but along the way don't forget to enjoy the moments. I'll definatly use your ideas to get some extra refreshing life experience. Thanks for your well-chosen words!

JIDEOFO said...

At this time of the year, just like everybody else, resolutions become a thing you MUST do. I never really took them seriously because I never stuck to them but unlike you I have decided to go with the FULL F.L.O.W!! In fact I am not really going to set out a resolution for 2011 but each day I set out a list of MUST-DOS no matter what. It has been working just fine for me - I feel a stronger sense of fulfilment at the end of each day!!