Nov 26, 2007

Stop hating Microsoft

"Hey, check this out!"
"What's that?"
"My new OS; it's totally secure, and guess what?"
"It's free, dude; it's free!"

Haven't you at one time or another had a similar conversation with a friend of yours?

Chances are you probably did. With new open-source OS and different distributions of each Unix/Linus system coming out every couple of months, maybe every couple of weeks even, you probably did.

The idea is ok; I mean who doesn't want to have a cost-free operating system that is virtually untouchable by viruses, worms, or trojans? Plus, you get to run a whole bunch of applications on it. It's a good deal, no doubt about that.

I myself used Red Had and Mandrake for a while two years ago, and two months earlier I installed Ubuntu on my laptop and it proved to be pretty good.

What really pisses me off are hardcore Linux maniacs who keep attacking Microsoft software! It's really a turn-off to see someone attacking software that has been serving people for a solid decade claiming that Microsoft... all about money. "I hate 'em, dude. They have a price tag for everything."

Really?! Well, that's news! When was the last time you ever got something for free? Look around you; no, don't; just ask yourself if you got the shirt or T-shirt or whatever you're wearing for free. I bet you paid for it. Software costs more than clothes.

...produces programs that suck! "The system is really slow, it's full of bugs!"

Ummm. That's a tough one, or so you think! Count how many machines run Windows and MS Office worldwide and then find out how many crashes happen. Compare the two and you'll find that the number of crashes compared to the total number of machines running Windows is getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller!

Open source is such a great idea and I like it, but I don't let myself get carried away and start wining about software that I've been using for more than 13 years (with rock-solid performance by the way) just because it's geeky and cool to hate Microsoft.

Just remember that not all people are tech-savvys like you guys. That's not too hard for you to grasp, or is it?


Cerebrosus world said...

Look man. People don't hate Microsoft because it produces properatory software but simply because the monopolistic environment it tries to force over the software world.

Another thing, there are some Linux distros. that is considered as properatory operating system like Red Hat Enterprise. Note we have to disingusish between Free Software and Open-Source.not all Open-source applications or OSs are free.

Last thing, don't forget that when your using Google you are using Linux. Mac OS is Unix based OS.

for your information Unix is not new its since 1969

good job dude ;)

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bb-aisha said...

Did microsoft pay you to write this? :-p

Kaledovic said...

Writing down what I think and getting paid for it? I wish :)

Mohamed said...

Great Man

Daengbo said...

There are rabid MS haters and there are people like me who just distrust them.

Let me guess. You are young. You grew up in an MS environment.

Those of us who are old enough to remember computing before MS had a lock on everything are the people who most want to see MS drop in market share -- 60% would be enough to make everything even.

We watched MS kill off great software. We watched them promise new features to keep people from moving to other software, then never delivering those features. We watched them lie in the press and on the stand. Many of the "haters" on the internet were developers for companies that MS knifed, often using unethical means. Sure, MS has paid out numerous times, but the dead are dead and can't be revived.

But most of all, we saw a diverse computing ecosystem become a sick, limping monoculture which moved forward at a fraction of the pace it would have with real competition.

MS has been so bad to some of us for so long that getting into our good graces is not likely to happen soon, and certainly not with their historical behavior continuing the way is still is.

Ask me to stop distrusting MS? You might as well ask Tibetans to just forgive China and knuckle under like good little serfs. It's not going to happen.

Xubean said...

Thank you daengbo (funny name though...!)... You hit the nail so well... It's not that we hate Microsoft, we just don't agree on so many things they do... Ok may be people do hate, microsoft, but hate is too strong a word for me, so I won't say that. Anyways, you wrote a very good comment, and actually i believe you should write an article about it, blog about it, and post it on digg or something.. people need to know why microsoft is not liked!